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Welcome to TEFLACE, the Premier Teacher Recruitment Agency, offering TEFL and job finding in Asia. We are a dedicated team of recruiters looking for potential English Teachers for placements in and specialise in the booming teaching market of China. If you are a native English speaker with a degree and an adventurous spirit, you could be teaching in an Asian city in about three months, no classroom experience necessary. We also offer an online TEFL course for would-be teachers coming to Asia and is tailored to meet the requirements for a Chinese working visa TEFL COURSE


Typical contracts pay £1700 - £2300 ($2200 - $2976) per month after tax, you may be surprised at how profitable it can be to teach in Asia.


Furnished accommodation is usually provided by your school rent-free. That's another outgoing expense you won't have to worry about.


Paid holidays so you can travel China or even South East Asia and beyond.


With most bills including electricity heating and no council tax to pay you can save considerable amounts of money.


One of the easiest ways to gain valuable work experience on your CV whilst travelling and getting paid for it .

Return Flight

Return flights are included on completion of a typical ten month contract.


In recent years, China has become the primary destination for ESL teachers. However, policies change frequently for who can come and teach. The requirements below are necessary to obtain a “Z Visa” (working visa) which you need to teach in China. The process to apply for this visa can take up to 3 months, so you must organise your time. We at TEFLACE can assist you every step of the way at no cost.

In addition to being a native English speaker you will need:

A TEFL certification (120+ hours). Some schools will still accept a 100-hour certificate, but 1st-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai require at least 120-hours of TEFL training. We recommend this comprehensive TEFL Course to meet current visa requirements. TEFL COURSE

Step Two

We will find you some recent job openings that should fit your needs.

Step Three

We arrange an interview online with any potential employers you are interested in.

Step Four

If you are both happy then you can sign a contract with the school for the position. We can mediate in any matters that you may have.

Step Five

We will help you prepare everything for the work visa and get ready for your new life as an ESL teacher! We will be there alongside you throughout the whole process.

" I try not to listen to stereotypes, I know my mum was quite scared about me coming out but I told her it’s not what you think. China is new, fresh and exciting. You can find stuff on the internet to ease your mind but for me, I’m quite stubborn so once I’d made up my mind to come, I thought just do it! "
English Teacher
Sam from Birmingham, UK
English teacher in China

Types of schools and cities

We work with our preferred partner schools to offer the best teaching positions across China. We have built up solid relationships with these establishments so you can be clear before you leave about exactly where you will be teaching and what to expect. 

All agreements usually provide:

  • Free accommodation and return flights paid for at end of the contract.
  • Food provided when at work.

Government schools

  • Either primary, middle or high school.
  • From 20 – 25 teaching hours per week from Monday to Friday.
  • Working as part of the English department to help students raise their oral English levels.
  • Salary from £1400 – £1800 per month.
  • All Chinese national holidays paid.
  • Positions available in February and September.


  • Teaching English to children from age 3 – 5 years.
  • Short, lively lessons of 20 minutes each.
  • 20 teaching hours per week from Monday to Friday.
  • Salary from £1400 – £1800 per month.
  • All Chinese national holidays paid.
  • Positions available in February and September.

Private Language training centers

  • Small class sizes with age ranging from children to adults.
  • Advanced teaching environments.
  • 20 – 25 Teaching hours, usually evenings and weekends.
  • Salary from £1700 – £2300 per month.
  • Positions available all year round. Perfect for those who graduate later in the year.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Laozi 老子
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