China Visa Preparation

Whilst it may seem a little daunting at first it’s actually quite straightforward once you understand how to proceed. We have partnered with companies who specialise in the whole process and make things easier for you to obtain your ChinaVisa.

All teachers must authenticate their:

  • Degree Certificate
  • ‘Criminal Record’ background check document
  • TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate
Requirements are subject to change and may differ between provinces. 

How to get your documents notarised / legalised:

1. Prepare Your Documents

It is time to prepare all your required documents together for notarization and legalisation. Criminal record checks can be applied for online and can take up to a week to receive. You should already have your degree certificate now and completed your TEFL course online and received your accredited certificate back.

2. Notarization

It is now time to send off these three documents for notarization and legalisation. It is to make sure that the documents are genuine and recognised as such by the government of your country and then in turn by the Chinese Embassy. If you wish to do this by yourself, it is a three-step process to get each document up to the requirements for a Chinese visa application.

3. Attestation

Have your documents notarized by a solicitor or Public Notary in your home country. They will give you a letter of attestation attached to a copy of your documents. 

4. Apostille

These notarised documents now need to be sent to your government to check they are genuine. They will attach a stamped official certificate (an ‘apostille’) to your documents and send them back to you.

5. Legalise

You can now take your prepared documents to the Chinese Embassy in your home country to legalise them. There is no postal service for this so you would need to take in person. It can be time-consuming and expensive to do each of these processes yourself, so we do recommend using an agent. They specialise in this process and will do all of the above in 7-10 days for you. If you are applying in the UK you can find more information here:



6. Visa Application

Your documents are now ready and meet all the requirements to start the China visa application process. Send scanned copies of your legalised documents to your new employer by email. They will then apply for your work permit at the provincial visa office in China. This can take about 20 days. They will then send you a copy of this work permit and an invitation letter which shows you have the legal right to work in China.

7. Getting the Visa

You can now apply for your visa at the China visa office in your country. (link to list of China visa consulates in native countries). Check you have all the correct documents here Visa for China. Many agents will do your visa for you, so you don’t have to visit in person. You can check online for the different service providers. Visas are usually sent back to you within a week. You can choose the express service if you need it quicker, but this will cost more.

Once your China visa has been issued

Book your flight and begin your year in China! If you need any information on the process, then please ask us. We have been through it many times so can help you all the way and don’t charge anything for our advice. Please note, it can take from 2-3 months to get your visa from start to finish. Do bear this in mind and try to get organised and start the process as soon as possible.

Upfront Costs

TEFL Course online £100-150

TEFL beginner or online taster courses are available for little outlay, but many provinces insist on a minimum 120-hour TEFL course. We strongly recommend that you choose a 120-hour certification course. Our TEFL course will give you an excellent knowledge of ESL. It will prepare you for teaching Engish and also meets the requirements for visa applications.

All documents notarized and legalized

If you decide to come to China you can complete this process yourself without using an agent, it should take around a month. Whilst this may save around 40% of the cost, It is time-consuming and we recommended using our preferred agent:

Cost of ‘Z’ working visa

The cost of a visa is quite changeable. From May 2018, all applicants between 14 and 70 must now visit the visa consulate in person to hand in documents and give fingerprints. As you will be required to visit in person there isn't a great need to use an agent for visa applications anymore. Please click on the link below to see the latest prices, application forms and making an appointment.

Flights to China return

Flight prices vary depending on the time of year. Prices around the Chinese new year can be more expensive. It also depends whether you wish to fly direct or have a stopover. Flights via the Middle East are often cheaper. It is best to shop around but expect to pay around £500 to £600 for a return flight

Up to £1500 completion Bonus

1-year contracts with our placements will usually pay up to £1500 as an end of contract completion bonus which helps to offset these initial costs.
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