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Many TEFL course providers are operating in the UK, and it is challenging to choose the correct course. We at TEFLACE have been ESL teachers for more than 30 years, so we know the industry like no others. We have been in the classrooms that you will go into and teach you what is essential to learn before you begin your teaching adventure.

With our TEFL course, you can take tremendous confidence into the classroom from day 1. We are also a dedicated recruiter for teaching positions in the booming Chinese market place. After completing your TEFL course with TEFLACE, we can assist you in finding a highly paid teaching job and be with you all the way through the application process at no cost.


Why choose TEFLACE TEFL Course

Many TEFL providers will offer different accreditations for their certificates, but there isn’t anyone regulatory body for TEFL courses. We have concentrated on using our experience in the classroom to give you the most suitable course for your needs at the right price.

As a new provider in the marketplace, we can follow the latest teaching trends and have packed our course full of all the essentials. We recommend that you use 120 hours to complete the course, but you can complete quicker if you feel confident with the material.

We are one of the only providers to give you access to a native English teacher throughout your online course. Our two assignments are designed to challenge your new knowledge and make you think like a teacher. You will receive grading and full feedback on both of these. Our active forum is there for you to discuss your teaching ideas and converse with other teachers. Don’t forget about our job site and how we can assist all of our newly qualified teachers.

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